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Welcome to Karate and Aikido 
Las Vegas

We are a Christian Martial Arts school teaching Karate and Aikido for men, women and children 5 years old and older. 
We have been in Las Vegas for over 20 years and we are seeking Christian martial artists who want to train with very high standards of teaching and strong faith in God The Father, the son Jesus Christ and the Divine Holy Spirit. 
Our faith is the foundation for our teaching and is what sets us apart from popular franchise schools.  


Owner and Chief Instructor of Karate & Aikido in Las Vegas, NV. He has been a resident in Nevada for over 20 years; a practitioner with the knowledge of Karate and Aikido currently holding the rank of 7th degree Black Belt (Shichidan Menkyo Kaiden Sho), certified by his teacher Soke Domingo S.A. Miranda Sensei.
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Christian Martial Arts Karate

Christian Karate teaches us to put faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and then practice with a high standard of 
martial art technique. Faith is The Lord will help you to control your fear and act with confidence along with 
a humble attitude. 

Our training is for peace, not violence, however, you will be able to make a decisive decision to defend your 
self if needed. Our school maintains a high level of teaching and you are expected to meet our requirments. 
Christian Karate is the study of empty hand martial art.
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