The benefits of training in Christian martial art is to live a peaceful and happier life.
Put God in your heart first and then receive the lesson. In time you will develop self-control, strong discipline, self-confidence and the attitude of a Peaceful Warrior.

You are responsible of maintain good character, as a student, you must present humble heart, respect, patience, good manners, good grades (child). With time, all the benefits of your training will begin to show up in your daily life.

When God is in your heart; mind becomes sharp; body becomes strong. With consistent training, all thing will improve. Discipline yourself to do the work and progress will occur naturally

Osu Sensei

  • Is a pledge to do ones best and endure.
  • Yes I understand and I will receive the lesson and practice with good spirit.
  • Be happy to receive the correction.
  • Be happy to receive the lesson.
  • Respect yourself and answer.
  • You must learn to practice good spirit.


Polite behavior; good manners


  • Is to know oneself.
  • Stay focused on what is true.
  • Not to impress others.
  • You are here to learn and hear the word.
  • All the lessons will help you in life.
  • Stay focused.
  • The Dojo is not the place to be different.
  • Whatever you say to explain or defend yourself is of no use and is not necessary.
  • Humble yourself and control yourself.
  • Be happy.
  • You must learn to discipline yourself.


To repeat to gain skill


  • Mutual respect and grace. Sincere training, heartfelt.
  • Find Sensei; bow upon entering and leaving dojo; 2 Senseis, 2 bows.
  • Courtesy and etiquette is the way of harmony and respect.
  • Train your mind and cultivate your spirit.
  • Conduct yourself without distraction.
  • Be happy.
  • You must learn to humble yourself.


Instant willingness and obedience to all instruction. Respect for authority.


  • Is a small fraction of what you learn.
  • Your mastery of Art will depend on your individual and sincere practice.
  • Before class starts, practice KATA. Embrace sincerity.
  • Do not waste time.


To endure without complaint. Humble.


  • Concentrate. Hear the lesson and answer.
  • Patience is necessary to progress.
  • Practice is necessary to progress.
  • Discipline yourself and spiritually inspire yourself to do well and make good choices.
  • You must learn to control yourself.


Ability to exercise restraint or control oneself.


  • Uniforms must be clean.
  • You must practice good attitude.
  • You must value training.
  • You must have good character.
  • You must have a good presentation of yourself.
  • You must be humble, confident and controlled.
  • You must be grateful you have the time to train and to practice
  • You must receive the blessing.


The mental power by which knowledge is acquired. An agreement. Awareness and requirement.


  • The great privilege of training; free from distraction.
  • You must learn to respect yourself.


Honest quality of respect. High regard. Worthy.


  • Translated means discipline.
  • Behave wisely.
  • No complaining.
  • No excuses.
  • Hear it the first time.
  • Do the work.
  • Pray and Practice.


Training demands correctness. Listen with full concentration. You must bring strong spirit and discipline power to training
God bless. Be happy. Have a strong power of faith.
Thank you for training at this dojo.

Sensei S. Smith

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