Karate and Aikido Las Vegas Christian Martial Arts


Welcome to Karate and Aikido Las Vegas

We are a Christian Martial Arts school teaching Karate and Aikido for men, women and children 5 years old and older.
We have been in Las Vegas for over 20 years and we are seeking Christian martial artists who want to train with very high standards of teaching and strong faith in God The Father, the son Jesus Christ and the Divine Holy Spirit.

Our faith is the foundation for our teaching and is what sets us apart from popular franchise schools.
“Put God in your heart first, then do the work”
“Let your yes be yes and your no be no”
We require you to train at least two times per week and unlimited training classes are also available. For your convenience, we also offer private classes. Students are expected to have a humble attitude and willingness to learn. Respect, discipline, effort, patience, are good requirements that should be practiced.
Appointments are recommended:
Please call 702-263-2255
Sensei Smith will be glad to meet with you to discuss training Karate or Aikido
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