Stan Smith

"Shihan Sensei" 
Owner and Chief Instructor of Karate & Aikido in Las Vegas, NV. He has been a resident in Nevada for over 20 years; a practitioner with the knowledge of Karate and Aikido currently holding the rank of 7th degree Black Belt (Shichidan Menkyo Kaiden Sho), certified by his teacher Soke Domingo S.A. Miranda Sensei.

Sensei Smith started his training in martial arts at an early age. In the early 80’s opened his first school in Hollywood, California.

Sensei Smith as a Christian Martial Artist believes with the practice of strong faith in God you will do well in all aspects of life. Sensei’s responsibility is to provide a good, safe lesson and to help the student to understand the strong power of faith.
If you would like to train with us, please bring a humble attitude and willingness to learn. However, you must understand each Sensei and Dojo is a little different. 
Try to accept the training and keep strong Spirit (Divine Holy Spirit) and good attitude. It takes time and practice to understand martial art. Remember, you move the art itself.
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