Christian Martial Art Aikido

There are many understandings of Aikido, “The Way of Harmony ”, is a non resisting art, blending with your partner, redirection of force. There are all good words. Our Aikido is a Christian Martial Art founded by Sensei Domingo Miranda Soke.

Our Aikido is a Christian spiritual understanding to put God in your heart first, be guided by the Divine Holy Spirit and you will do well. Free from distraction or worry. Put the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart and your faith will conquer your fear.

Basic fundamentals and established kata are practiced. Committed to a high standard of self-control and perseverance are required. Be patient and all things will come together. Effort and practice are expected. Joy and improvement will come when it is repeated many times. Faith will overcome fear.

There are many benefits to Aikido:

  • Our Father (The Lord’s prayer) is recited before and after class
  • Most important: the cultivation of the Holy Trinity in your life
  • Focused Mind
  • Healthy Body
  1. Christian Aikido teaches us that the Lord Jesus Christ is our strength, and that is the spiritual power of our practice.
  2. We train for peace, not violence, confidence along with humility.
  3. Our training builds a strong spirit of faith and teaches not to give up.
  4. We train to improve ourselves, but all glory goes to God.
  5. Train to sharpen the mind with decisive answers, yes or no, focus and awareness.
  6. We train for respect, good behavior and discipline; self-control is required.
  7. Christian Aikido requires you to pay strict attention to avoid injury to you and your partner at all times.
  8. Practice requires a sincere commitment.
  9. Train and practice in a joyful manner with a good attitude never allowing yourself to become angry.
  10. Christian Aikido requires you to train at least two times per week. You should call the Dojo 263-2255 if you are unable to attend your class.
Peace be with all of us in Jesus Christ name. Amen.
Grandfather of the Art

Father of the Art
Teacher of the Art

Senior Student of the Art
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